Have you ever been scared? Or have found yourself in a fearful situation? Psychology has told us that we generally respond to fear and danger in two primary forms: fight or flight. The body reacts in such a way to initiate our adrenal-cortical system, which is where adrenaline kicks in to determine our response to a situation. Likewise, this is when we experience physical alterations such as increased heartbeat, sweat, etc.

As complex as the human body and its components work, it is not unlike other mammals, which is why test subjects such as mice, rats, and the like are used in scientific research development.

In a recent study performed on mice, it was found that marijuana-like brain circuits can actually help to quell fear and negative memories. The primary study found that, since the human brain functions similar to that of mice, a brain circuit used to create new memories is also the same circuit that has the ability to erase negative memories.

These circuits, called endocannabinoids, are “released on demand.” Meaning that they are not activated from an illicit response to a particular fear, but must be independently triggered. Naturally, triggering something like this is completely unnatural, seeing as this circuit isn’t instantly activated.

Future developments and studies involving endocannabinoids could mean that people suffering from PTSD and other related disorders would be able to access medical cannabis to trigger the endocannabinoids, especially in states where medical marijuana is still illegal. Likewise, we might even see endocannabinoid drugs (taken orally) in congruence with other various forms of treatment such as exposure and light therapy.

Essentially, marijuana could be the link to help people overcome various types of fear, which makes sense, seeing as it is already used by some to treat PTSD.

Though the use of endocannabinoid based drugs has yet to proliferate, the possibilities for people overcoming deep and perpetual fears are endless.

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